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Review for The Beautiful Refrain’s Debut EP, ‘Redemption:Daylight’

The Beautiful Refrain- ‘Redemption:Daylight’ Review

By C.W. Ross

The trio (Cameron Gwaltney, Chad Altenberger & Gabe Steelman) that makes up the band The Beautiful Refrain got their start after meeting while attending James Madison University and Aletheia Church.

‘Redemption:Daylight’ is the band’s debut EP and it can be found on the Mosaic Artistry Group label. Mosaic is a very artist friendly label that gives its artist more control over their music while reaching out to both the Christian and general markets.

Stylistically The Beautiful Refrain’s music blends mostly rock beats with spiritual lyrics dealing with issues of, faith, doubt, and redemption.

The band says that, “We write, record and perform rock music because we know that it is an avenue by which Jesus can receive glory in our lives. We hope that our music will be used to speak into the lives of people who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus, while also being an encouragement to those who do. We are broken, unworthy sinners who acknowledge that we are nothing apart from Jesus and that He alone is worthy of our everything. Our music is simply another way that we can express this truth that we so strongly believe in.”

The first single from the EP, “Page One,” is already heating up radio airwaves. The up tempo rock track talks about God’s plan for our life.

Each of the other tracks all offer up something for the listener:

“Run Away,” starts off with a nice stabbing guitar part and deals with starting a new faith life.

“Tiger Face!,” offers up a nice guitar solo.

“Lowly Sound,” is a rock edged track dealing with grace.

“You Said,” Offers up a nice starting drum part and background vocals and deals with the redeeming power of Jesus.


Review Takeaway: The Beautiful Refrain’s, ‘Redemption:Daylight’, EP offers up a rock solid collection of 5 songs that are filled with great musicianship and song lyrics that reach out to both the saved and those still searching for what part faith will play in their life. While the official release date for ‘Redemption:Daylight’ is March 17,2012 it can be pre-ordered now.


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