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Review for Legendary Christian Artist Twila Paris ‘God Shed His Grace: Songs of Truth and Freedom’

Twila Paris -‘God Shed His Grace: Songs of Truth and Freedom’ Review

By C.W. Ross

To keep going in the Christian music industry for over 30 years is a real feat add on top of that 22 previous releases, 33 number 1 hits, over 1.3 million albums sold and numerous awards and you have the legendary Twila Paris.

Her 23rd release, ‘God Shed His Grace: Songs of Truth and Freedom,’ consist of 11 tracks hand picked by Paris from her previous albums. The songs were remastered but not rerecorded because she wanted to keep the original feel found on them.

You’ll also find 2 new recordings on the album, “God of Our Fathers,” and “America the Beautiful.”

Tracks that stood out include what is her most well known song of all time, “God is in Control.” The up tempo track talks about no matter what happens in our life or in the nation that God will never forsake us so we don’t need to fill our minds with anxious thoughts.

“I See You Standing,” is a track about courage that was inspired by the famous event that happened a few years back during the Tienanmen Square protest in China when one brave person stood in front of a column of tanks and refused to move stopping them in their tracks.

“I Can Do All Things,” is a steady tempo track about being strengthened through Christ.

“America The Beautiful,” is a nice version of the majestic song that many think should have become America’s national anthem.


Review Takeaway- For fans of Twila Paris, ‘God Shed His Grace: Songs of Truth and Freedom’, offers up a nice listening experience of having a collection of her songs from over many years all on one release and for new fans it offers up a chance to experience one of Contemporary Christian’s best known and respected female artist.


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