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Review for Eclectic Band Dance Hall Pimps ‘Beast for Love’ Release

Dance Hall Pimps- ‘Beast for Love’ Review

By C.W. Ross

Are you looking to hear some unique sounding music? Then the band Dance Hall Pimps that was birthed from the LA underground cabaret scene might be just what you’re looking to find.

‘Beast for Love,’ offers up 12 tracks that includes 10-originals and 2 cover tracks. The album was produced by Grammy Award winning producer Matt Hyde (Porno for Pyros, Cypress Hill) and Rob Hill (Korn, Xzbit, and Cypress Hill).

The band plays a blend of music that’s been labeled as, ‘rootsy garage rock with a haunted swampy vibe.’ It manages to mix a retro 50’s sound along with blues, swamp rock and a New Orleans sound that’s rich with horns and keyboard instrumentation.

Standout tracks include, “Mommy Was a Zombie,” an up tempo track that features nice guitar work that reminded me of Chuck Berry’s 50’s rocking guitar style.

I also enjoyed the releases title track, “Beast for Love,” a track about bad love taking its toll on you turning you into a bit of a beast over it. The track offers up nice beats and lively horn work that includes trumpet and saxophone solos.

The last 2 tracks I want to talk about are, “You’d Drink Like I Do Too,” that offers up a meandering roots/blues interesting style on it. And the last track that’s a cover of the classic Lou Reed song, “Take a Walk on the Wild Side.” The band manages to keep true to the original while adding in their own style to the mix.

The band is aware of their name maybe having a negative connotation to some people so they use the tag line, “Pimp Music Not People,” Along with donating a portion of the profits from, ‘Beast for Love,’ to organizations that fight the sex trafficking of children in the United States and provide services to victims.


Review Takeaway- On ‘Beast for Love’ Dance Hall Pimps offers up a sound that’s fun on the surface with its mostly upbeat tempos along with deep thinker lyrics for those who are willing to dive in a little bit deeper to their music.


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I'm a Christian who likes writing about Indie and Christian music, college softball and airguns.


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