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Review for Christian Hip-Hop Group Rhema Soul’s New Release, ‘Red’

Rhema Soul- ‘Red’ (Advance Copy) Review

By C.W. Ross

South Florida based Christian Hip-Hop group Rhema Soul has been around for a little over 6-years now putting out several previous albums, ‘Worn Soles’ (2007), ‘Dope Beats, Good News’ (2008) and ‘Fingerprints’ (2010).

Brought on board to produce ‘Red’ is veteran producer Andy Anderson (TobyMac, Group One Crew) along with newcomers, Ray King and A.D.

The trios music blends hip-hop music with tons of electronic elements and vocal effects to achieve their end sound.

All 13-songs that are found on ‘Red,’ were either written or co-written by band members so you get a good picture of where their hearts are in their music. The songs talk a lot about living your life to the fullest, not letting others discourage you or deter you from your faith path in life.

The band isn’t all talk; they put their words into action having been involved with organizations like, One Hope and Hope in Motion over the past several years.

The songs found on ‘Red’, run the gambit from techno with lyrical vocals to fast paced rhythmic rapping.

Highlight tracks include, “No Walking Away,” which is the first radio single from the release. The track talks about not giving up on your dreams. “Need An Answer”, deals with finding your faith in a way that your life will act as a beacon for others searching for answers to faith related questions in their own life. “So Beautiful,” is directed primarily to young girls/women listeners who may have been hurt by love and feel like their unworthy of having real love in their life. The need to stay strong that in God’s eyes you are worthy and beautiful. The track, “Celebration,” is an up tempo hip-hop worship song that you need to crank up the volume to full as you jam along to it.

‘Red’, also ends strong with the track, “Stop the World,” that features a guest appearance from artist Shonlock.


Review Takeaway: Rhema Soul’s, ‘Red’ manages to blend hip-hop music along with other musical elements with the end result being some very well done music with lyrics that offer up both entertainment and spiritual wisdom.


About CW Ross

I'm a Christian who likes writing about Indie and Christian music, college softball and airguns.


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