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Review for Christian Pop Rock Group Sixteen Cities ‘Love Is Making A Way’ Release

Sixteen Cities – ‘Love Is Making A Way’ Review

By C.W. Ross

Portland, Oregon pop/rock band Sixteen Cities started out as a public school worship and prayer ministry as a way to reach out to their friends for Christ.

Since their signing with Centricity Music the group has released several musical projects and are now back with their latest, ‘Love Is Making A Way.’

The opening track, “Sound of Love,” is an up-tempo song dealing with God’s love for us. It’s followed by the up-tempo title track, “Love Is Making A Way.” The track deals with God’s love and mercy for us that always makes a way out for us in any situation. The track is also the first single from the album.

The track, “Glorious,” is a piano led worship song that really showcases the band’s style. “Still Here With Me,” picks the pace back up with its pop style dealing with learning to trust totally on God in your life, learning to not be rattled by life’s storms that we all face.

“All Around the World” and “Mercy (Fall on Me),” are two worshipful tracks dealing with God’s love and mercy.

“What It Must Be Like,” is a track that talks about seeing the world through God’s eyes. “Walk on Water,” is a melodic track that deals with living a committed faith life.

“I Need You,” deals with clearly focusing on God realizing that you can’t do it all on your own. “Consume Me,” is a melodic acoustic worship track that’s filled with passionate vocals about surrendering everything to God and wanting to be totally consumed by His Love.


Review Takeaway: Sixteen Cities is a band of 20-something musicians that want to share the word about the unconditional love that God offers. They manage to do just that very well on their latest release that’s found on Centricity Music, ‘Love Is Making A Way.’


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