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Review for Indie Power-Trio Leaving Venus ‘Sick of it All’ EP Release

Leaving Venus ‘Sick of it All’ EP Review

By C.W. Ross

This trio hailing from Hickory, NC; Michael Miller (guitar/vocals) Thomas Grell (bass/vocals) and Chris Cornwell (drums/ vocals) blend several different styles of music on their ‘Sick of it All’ EP.

The six guitar driven tracks that make up ‘Sick of it All’ include elements of power pop. Indie rock, funk and alt. country. That assortment of styles is one of the strong points found on the EP that keeps you guessing what lies ahead.

Things kick off with the love based track, “Comfortably,” that starts off melodic before picking up the tempo as it moves along. Next up is, “Parking Lot Trance,” that offers up a catchy sound.

“Flashback,” is an electric guitar and drum filled rocker about flashing back to when things were better. “New Shoes,” is driven by an underlying funk edged bass line.

Next up is the instrumental track, “Murdock,” that starts off with a hard rock guitar and drum part before becoming a jam out song.

The EP’s title track, “Sick of it All,” brings things to a strong close. The song starts out with an old time radio, slightly distorted, effect before it becomes loud and clear with its alt. country style with lyrics of being sick of, ‘all the shit that I see.’ This is one of those audience participation type songs that I could picture bringing a live crowd to their feet singing along in agreement.


Review Takeaway: With the release of their, ‘Sick of it All,’ EP Leaving Venus proves that three can be a magical number when the three are talented musicians with a true love for their music.


About CW Ross

I'm a Christian who likes writing about Indie and Christian music, college softball and airguns.


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