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Review for Jimmy Needham’s ‘Clear the Stage’ Release

Jimmy Needham- ‘Clear the Stage’ Review

By C.W. Ross

‘Clear the Stage,’ is the 5th studio release from veteran Christian artist Jimmy Needham. Needham says that this is his most personal & honest release to date from him. He said that going into the studio he had a feeling of being inadequate, add on top of that he was working with a new producer (Ed Cash), all of the songs for the album weren’t even completed plus Needham was dealing with being a new father.

Stylistically the album is filled with soulful pop songs and passion soaked lyrics.

Things get started with the soul/funk vibe track, “I Will Find You,” that features artist LeCrae on it about never being out of God’s range to reach you when you call out to Him.

Track-2, “If I Ever Needed Grace,” the first single from the album is one of the songs that came together at the last minute. The song is filled with passionate lyrics about God’s grace and not being afraid to opening yourself up to receiving it.

The track, “Daddy’s Baby Girl,” Needham wrote for his daughter. The light track is all about the pure and innocent never ending love between a father and daughter.

“Stay,” is a melodic folk/Americana tinged track that features dual lead vocals from Needham and Lizi Baily.

“In the Middle,” is a melodic track that Needham wrote for his wife offering encouragement to her after she had suffered a miscarriage.

The last track I want to talk about is the closing title track, “Clear the Stage.” The song is a worshipful piano ballad that talks about clearing all of the clutter out of your life so that nothing comes between you and God.


Review Takeaway: On his new release, ‘Clear the Stage,’ artist Jimmy Needham proves that when you’re willing to let go of things and turn control over to God that good things will happen!


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