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Review for Brooklyn Rockers’ Frank Latest Release, ‘Here Together’

Frank – ‘Here Together’ Review

By C.W. Ross

The Brooklyn rock band Frank formed in 2001. Since then they’ve released, ‘Life by the Hour’ (2003) and ‘Proof’ (2006) and their now back with the 12-track release, ‘Here Together.’

I would describe Frank’s music as smartly written working man’s classic rock. The band isn’t afraid though to add in other style elements including, alt. rock/country, funk and even some jam jazz vibes like found on the track, “Halo.”

The band says that instead of just writing random subjects songs and throwing them together they prefer to do thematic type albums. The main theme that is found on ‘Here Together’ is about growing and coming to terms with the person that you are and also learning how to temper your living as to not jeopardize all that you’ve worked so hard for in your life.

The lively rocking track, “Peace Out,” gets things off to a good start followed by another up tempo track, “How ‘Bout Now.” For the next several tracks things slow down a bit going more in a mid-tempo direction including the acoustic guitar driven ballad track, “Home.” Track-6, “Cracks,” brings a funky sound to the party.

Other interesting tracks include 8 & 9 (“Fade Out” & “Vesuvius”) that get the rock n’ roll flowing again with their up-tempo classic rock edge style.


Review Takeaway: The band Frank has a tight sound and smart songwriting that shines brightly on their latest release, ‘Here Together.’


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I'm a Christian who likes writing about Indie and Christian music, college softball and airguns.


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