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Korean-American Christian Pop Artist, Garam Heo, Releases Debut Solo Studio Album, “Quiet Time”

Upcoming Christian Korean-American singer-songwriter, Garam Heo, has released his full-length debut album, “Quiet Time”, now available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and other online retailers as well as directly from his website. Garam was the 2011 winner of the Korean Music Festival which was held in Suwanee, GA.

Garam’s album is the result of a chance encounter between he and Texas-based urban music songwriter/producer Chris Reeves in 2010. They met while participating in a missionary group that traveled throughout the Atlanta area feeding the less fortunate, and sharing the Gospel of Christ. The two quickly found that their musical styles, while vastly different from one another, complimented each other in a unique way that would combine Garam’s primarily unplugged guitar acoustics with Chris’s contemporary R&B/Pop beats, generating a new and original sound.

With an extensive background in international ministry, Garam has served and performed for audiences and ministries all over the world in countries such as The Philippines, India, Malaysia, China and South Korea. While Chris and Garam contributed to the bulk of the songwriting and performance duties for the album, other contributers included Chris’s twin brother and fellow producer Craig Reeves, Jiwon Lee, Jennifer Jang, Eun Ji Kim, guitarist Rhett Shull and upcoming hip-hop artist Koowl Fury.

The title track and first official single, “Quiet Time”, is a smooth, mid-tempo R&B ballad written by Chris, who features on piano while Garam features on guitar. The song has been praised by fans and music critics alike for its lyrical content and unique blend of acoustic CCM with urban Gospel. The album, as a whole, encompasses Garam’s ideology that through Christ’s imputed righteousness, believers can respond to the needs of others, all while demonstrating God’s nature through kindness and generosity. “Pray For You” is a tribute song to the people of Haiti, Japan, and other countries who fell victim to major natural disasters, and “Help Me” is a personal prayer to God asking for a loving heart and an understanding mind. The album also features three tracks written in Garam’s native Korean language. One of which is the acoustic ballad “Just Another Door”, which was written by Garam and features the acclaimed Ryoo Trio.

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