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Review for Ryan David Orr’s ‘Mordred the Quarter Known’ Alt Rock Release

Artist:Ryan David Orr
Title: ‘Mordred the Quarter Known’

Overall Album Vibe: As you listen to Ryan David Orr’s music you’ll quickly learn that he’s a deep thinker; that comes through in his song lyrics. It starts with the releases title that’s based on a character in the Arthurian legend. Mordred is the son of King Arthur and his half sister and was killed at the Battle of Camlann.

Over the years that he’s been involved in the music scene Orr has gone from playing metal-infused rock and alt. grunge rock to folk and spoken word. On, ‘Mordred the Quarter Known,’ Orr goes for an alt. rock sound that has an underlying layer of a funk that’s found on several of the tracks.

The up tempo opening track, “If You Want Love,” offers up some of that funk sound with its bass and saxophone parts. Other highlight tracks include, “April, I’m Sure the Stars Understand,” that was written from a childhood memory that Orr has of his mother discovering her friend’s body after the friend had killed herself. With such a deep subject matter being dealt with I expected the song would have a melodic tempo but what you’ll finds on it is, rolling drumbeats and electric guitar that flavors the song with a funk meets rock style of music. The last track I want to mention is, “Scream at the Clouds,” that offers up extra vocals by children of Jefferson Academy that’s located in Show Low, AZ.

Review Tagline: If you’re in the mood for some ‘thinking man’ type of music that’s filled with a nice array of instrumentation then Ryan David Orr’s, ‘Mordred the Quarter Known,’ is it.
Standout Tracks: “If You Want Love”, “April, I’m Sure the Stars Understand”, “Scream at the Clouds”

Review By C.W. Ross


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I'm a Christian who likes writing about Indie and Christian music, college softball and airguns.


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