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Artist-Centric Indie Label, Squidhat Records, Launches With the Signing of Two Iconic Las Vegas Punk Bands

Las Vegas- SquidHat Records is proud to announce their official launch with 2012 releases from popular all-girl punk band, The Dirty Panties, and iconic Vegas punks, The Gashers (featuring former members of the Peccadilloes).

A showcase featuring both bands will be held on 5/19/12 at the Double Down in Las Vegas.

The Dirty Panties new album, I Am A Robot, will be released on Tuesday, July 24, 2012 . The Gashers debut, Law Is Not Order, is scheduled for an August 14, 2012 release.

Founded in 2011, SquidHat Records is an artist-friendly, indie record label based in Las Vegas. Their goal is to help talented and passionate Las Vegas artists record and promote their music, develop their brand and increase their exposure to a larger audience. The label’s focus includes, but is not limited to, punk, funk and aggressive indie rock.

“As a touring artist myself, I know that the sale of a CD or T-shirt is how the band makes the money they need to get to the next stop on the tour or even to eat.” says SquidHat Records founder, Allan Carter “Recording, releasing and promoting original music is cost prohibitive and time consuming. I want to use my resources, experience and years in the business to help exciting artists like The Gashers and The Dirty Panties develop and ultimately be heard.”

Thinking well beyond the offerings of a traditional label, they offer support, guidance and development from start to finish. Further, they only work with bands that they like.

“If we don’t believe in the music how could we possibly promote and sell it effectively?” says SquidHat Records Vice President, Mike Bell. “Every artist on the SquidHat Records roster is a band that we love to see live and genuinely want to help grow as artists while growing their fan base.”

Upcoming Dates

May 19, 2012: SquidHat Records Showcase, 10pm, Double Down Saloon, Las Vegas
July 20, 2012: The Dirty Panties CD Release Show, 10pm, Double Down Saloon, Las Vegas
July 24, 2012: The Dirty Panties “I Am A Robot” Street Date
August 10, 2012: The Gashers CD Release Show, 10pm, Double Down Saloon, Las Vegas
August 14, 2012: The Gashers “Law Is Not Order” Street Date

About The Dirty Panties

Founded in 2001 and Influenced by the DIY past of NYC punk and the raw style of the garage rock renaissance, The Dirty Panties have created their own unique sound. They write and perform powerful, infectious songs that reflect the band’s personality; from getting drunk, feminism and rejection, to their take on what it means to be a girl in the punk scene. “The Panties” as their fans call them, are a unique, hard working band that know their way around a dive bar, a catchy song and a concert stage. Look for the new Dirty Panties release, I Am A Robot, available Tuesday, July 24, 2012 and hear their first single, “Confighted,” at:

About The Gashers

The Gashers are a 3-piece band with deep roots in Vegas punk history, solid, dynamic chops, and a message that is perfect for their medium. Jason (guitar & vocals), Sandy (drums & vocals) and James (bass & vocals) helped form the iconic Peccadilloes in 2003, and, after releasing four full length CDs, playing countless sold-out shows and building a huge, loyal following they wanted to try something new. In 2011, the three formed The Gashers and in the process gave a fresh new voice to modern punk by saluting it’s storied past. The Gashers’ debut album, Law Is Not Order, will be released On August 14, 2012, by SquidHat Records, with extensive tour support to follow. Hear their first single, “Panic,” at:

SquidHat Records Website:



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