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Pop-Punk Rockers Out Like Pluto Launch ‘Take Cover’

Seattle, WA– Take cover, alt rock fans! The full-length studio release from Seattle-based Out Like Pluto is headed toward your ears with the full force of a giant meteor on a collision course with planet Earth.

“Take Cover” is the album’s title, and it lives up to its name from the first crunchy guitar riff on Where to Begin to the last blast of pure energy on Placebo (Turn Me On). All ten tracks are a storm of rock-n-roll that reminds fans of Blink-182, Paramore, and No Doubt – some punk, a dose of funk, and a whole lot of fun. It’s music that moves the feet: upbeat, edgy and danceable.

The first song to catch fire is the single, Bridge. This radio-ready song’s infectious melody is sure to get stuck in your head, and it sets the stage for the driving beats and catchy refrains you’ll hear on the rest of the album. Says the band, “Bridge sums up the album’s fun, danceable polish with a throwback to alt nineties rock. The tracks range from the purely upbeat pop punk of Placebo to the synthy electronic edginess of Early Warning to the funky bass-driven Are we there yet and back again…”

While Out Like Pluto is recognizably distinct from the bands they’re compared to, each song on “Take Cover” has its own attractive force, its own center of gravity that’s a unique musical treat.

And “Take Cover” is no garage band effort. The polish of the album is attributable to the dedication of the musicians to their craft, the production and engineering talents of band member Andy Tyra, and to the album’s mastering by Grammy award winner Gavin Lurssen (Blink-182, Alien Ant Farm). The result is a 10-track set of radio-ready songs sure to make the trip around our solar system at least a few times.

The popularity of Out Like Pluto is the organic, homegrown variety, rising from their outrageous live shows across the Pacific Northwest. Since forming in 2009, the band has made a name by putting on terrific live performances dense with charisma and stage antics. As Seattle Weekly put it, “Singer Kari Tarr has an enchanting and powerful voice that’s the undisputed backbone of the group, and the band’s potential for stardom isn’t more evident than on ‘Bridge’: the shortest song on Take Cover, but easily the catchiest.”

For more information, please visit the band’s website at “Take Cover” is available for purchase on all digital platforms including:

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