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San Francisco True Hip-Hop Warrior Easop Keeping it Real

In a scene filled with copycats and wannabe’s, there’s still some true hip hop warriors left trying to make their indelible mark on the world. Jam packed with in-your-face attitude and an unmistakable flair for honest, unapologetic lyric writing, San Francisco’s Easop is your ticket to rap glory. Frequently compared to the legendary late Tupac, this songwriting, music producing entrepreneur is surging back into the music industry with a vengeance and a brand new EP.

Born and raised in San Francisco, Easop ignited his hip hop career at the young age of 17, quickly setting up his own independent record label, LOD Music as a vehicle to release and promote his material. His debut record, The Time Has Come landed onto listeners with the force of an anvil, stirring up conversation about his unmistakable voice and ability to weave both harsh street realities and Christian faith together.

Easop catapulted himself headfirst into success with his first single and music video for “Out The Box,” which received critical acclaim and national airplay. The track ranked in the top 10 on TVU Networks, and was also chosen by major leaguer Ryan Freel of the Baltimore Orioles as his at-bat theme song during the 2009 season.

Now he’s ready to land his next punch, as the Street Gospel EP dropped on April 24, featuring the next smash single, “You’ve Been Waiting” followed by “How I Do It.” Easop’s also putting the finishing touches on his record with LOD Boyz, Reloaded, which is due out on May 8. While drawing more comparisons to heavy hitters such as DMX, Scar Face and Slim Thug, this determined, self-made artist is ready to take his music to the next level while delivering a powerful message.

Street Gospel is available through iTunes, and fans can sample a tantalizing taste of Easop’s addictive flow as well as the thrilling video for “Out Tha Box” through his official website or YouTube channel. Follow him on Twitter @Easop for all of the latest news and information.




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