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Singer Songwriter Ray Tarantino Still Continues to Write Personal Songs Five Years after Surviving a 100mph Car Wreck near Rome

It’s fair to say that Ray Tarantino has experienced enough in his relatively short time on earth to fit into several lifetimes.

This native Italian Nashville-dwelling singer-songwriter’s story is not typical of the many tunesmiths who have come out of that most independent of cities.

Emerging from a 100mph car wreck near Rome five years ago, Ray walked away from the mangled BMW sports car and into a very different future. As he so poetically puts it, the accident saw him “break out of the golden cage of respectability”. And into what? A new life in America.

Just two months later, Ray had produced his debut album – the wonderful ‘Recuscant’ – alongside former Simply Red bassist and co-founder Tony Bowers.

Now, Ray has delivered yet another poignant, beautiful set of songs that show he has taken the songwriting form to yet more exulted heights.

The eponymously titled album, available online at and through all e-stores, is the culmination of both a physical and emotional journey and is by far the best work of Ray’s brief but illustrious career.

Ray’s songs have a raw truth and honesty to them that is rare in today’s world. They are very personal songs but will appeal to anyone who has experienced lost, longing, desire, joy or love. In other words, they will appeal to every human heart.

Ray’s music – and his story – represents a hymn to the struggles of the underdog. He himself has battled hard to get to where he is. But he has never had a defeatist attitude; it’s a positivity that can be heard in every note of his music.

And not only that, this is a man beginning to get noticed. Reviews of ‘Recuscant’ were glowing. As one critic put it so perfectly: “Ray’s music remains in your head long after you’ve heard it.”

He has toured all over the US and Europe and played more than 1,200 shows. He is addicted to performing, to sharing his talent with his people. He may have made sacrifices to get there, but this son of Italy is now the epitome of the American Dream.

His music – a rare mix of blues, folk and Americana, inspired by the truth he found in the music of Ray Charles and Curtis Mayfield as much as by those songwriting heroes Bob Dylan, The Beatles and Neil Young, and the masters of sound, like Daniel Lanois, Brian Eno and Pink Floyd- is all set to reach a bigger audience. And this album should see it do just that.

The first single – ‘She Come to Me (So Easily)’ is available now and already getting heat from radio playlists. The album will follow in July. Don’t miss out.




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