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Northern California Singer-Songwriter Katie Knipp Releases Her 4th Studio Recording, ‘Nice to Meet You’

What happens when you gather A-list Sacramento Musicians with seasoned Northern California singer-songwriter Katie Knipp? A stunning result of emotive, catchy tunes on her 4th studio recording, a bluesy rock EP titled “Nice to Meet You”. “I wanted to go big this time,” says Katie. Aside from the usual Knipp on piano, acoustic guitar and vocals, the band consists of Gerry Pineda on both upright and electric bass, Peter Philis on drums, Chet Chwalik on trumpet, Jeremy Springer on Hammond B3, Samantha Olson on violin, and Blue Lamp owner Brant Stoner on electric guitar. The EP opens up with “Gone to Town”, a self-proclaimed “creepy” tune about a sweaty murder in the middle of a desert. “I like to write fiction here and there aside from the deeply personal songs life has forced me to create. It’s great fun!”

Katie is an artist that doesn’t take herself too seriously, making for fun live performances in various formats—solo, band, duo, whatever the gig calls for. Her style encompasses mainly torch blues, rock, and folk, with comparisons from Bonnie Raitt to Tori Amos. Although many of her songs are “on the dark side”, she makes up for it by having such a great time on stage interacting with the crowd, having found that perfect balance for great entertainment. Her guitarist, also known as Kentucky Slim, can not only scream out Southern guttural blues on “Parade of Pain”, but also intimately generates heartfelt slide on “When I was a Child” and “Nice to Meet You”. “Waiting for Life to Begin” is a funky tune about her Mom’s life being saved with a liver transplant last December, upbeat and full of hope. This EP is a huge leap forward for Katie whose current roots are in Sacramento. Originally from Concord CA, it wouldn’t be a shock if the rest of the world finally catches on to this soon to be household name.




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