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Paradiddle Records Announces Russ Seeger’s ‘Live in Peace’ CD Release Date October 9, 2012

Huntington, NY- Russ Seeger (former band mate of Levon Helm) will release his new CD, Live in Peace, on October 9, 2012 on Paradiddle Records.

Russ Seeger – Live in Peace

Some things in life are just worth waiting for. One of those things is Russ Seeger’s Live in Peace, the debut solo CD from a living legend on the Long Island music scene. Singer/ songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist Seeger has made music with such greats as Vassar Clements, Peter Stampfel, Rick Danko, and the late, great Levon Helm. Live in Peace is a stunningly potent and intriguingly diverse collection of some of Seeger’s best compositions. You can read more about Russ by checking out his bio by noted writer Jeff Tamarkin on the Paradiddle Records web site. Mixed by 2012 Grammy-winning producer Bob Stander, Live in Peace will be available October 9th on Paradiddle Records.

Russ Seeger has performed at virtually every venue in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, playing acoustic and electric guitar, fiddle and more, singing his songs and uniquely interpreting the tunes of those who’ve influenced him along the way. Levon Helm, who anchored a band with Seeger called The Last Hombres, released an album entitled Redemption in 2003. He has also appeared on Bob Dylan Uncovered (Paradiddle Records, 2006) and Kinks UnKovered (Paradiddle Records, 2010).

So why has there never, until now, been a Russ Seeger CD? “I’ve been at this game a long time,” Seeger explains, “but between raising children and bringing home the bacon, working as a lineman for the county, climbing telephone poles and driving trucks, I never had the time to go into the studio and make a proper album. The whole time, I always kept writing songs, though, and now that I’ve retired from my day job it was time to put this stuff into a new package.”

Seeger’s music is distilled from his journeys across the human landscape, covering a wide spectrum of subjects and styles as accomplished as anything being done today, and he manages it all with wicked wit and great compassion. “There is a grand story of love, betrayal, redemption and death that link all of the songs,” says Seeger. “I love the idea of that.”

Among the highlights of Live in Peace are the title track, “A Requiem,” “Hang Me Out to Dry” and “California Blues,” songs that “really tell my whole story,” Seeger says. “‘Requiem,'” he adds, “was the first time I attempted overdubbing a string section and I’m pleased with how it came out. When I mention the ‘Bee’ in that song, I’m talking about Beethoven, pompous as that might be.” Pompous is one word that you’ll never see used as a description of Seeger’s music. More probable are adjectives like rebellious, tough, prickly, charismatic, highly cool and so damn funny.

But this is no stage persona-as anyone who knows him can attest, that’s just Russ.

As for the title, Seeger waxes philosophical when he talks about it. “It’s giving a positive expression of solidarity to all of us humans who have suffered in this world,” he says, “some at the hands of armies and war and some on a more personal level. I think it’s a message that always needs to be spoken about.” The title song, he adds, “was written from the perspective of an Iraqi war veteran who returns home and finds life hard to deal with. The song ‘Red Rose’ comes from a similar place.”

The opportunity to record his first solo album after so many years of building a regional fan base and attracting the attention of fellow musicians is one that Russ Seeger savors. He turns to a quote from the Russian poet Boris Pasternak to put it into perspective: “When a great moment knocks on the door of your life, it is often no louder than the beating of your heart, and it is easy to miss it.”

Live in Peace is that kind of great moment-one not to be missed.

About Paradiddle Records

Paradiddle Records is an independent record label located in Huntington, NY. Their release include Bob Dylan Uncovered, Kinks UnKovered, American Idle by Johnny Cuomo and Play for the Films by Butchers Blind. They are planning to release Trouble in the Fields-A Nanci Griffith Tribute in the coming months.

Source- Paradiddle Records


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