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Japanese Progressive Heavy Rock Band Zeroshiki Releases Their Third Album ‘Deepest and Everlong’ to the World

(Tokyo, Japan) — Zeroshiki, a progressive heavy rock band based in Japan, released their 3rd album called “DEEPEST AND EVERLONG” to the world, in both physical and digital distributions, on 10 August 2012. Zeroshiki consists of two 7-strings guitars, a 5-strings bass, a vocal and keyboard, and a drums. Their major musical influences have been Deftones, Tool, and Dream Theater. Zeroshiki considers themselves as a group of 5 drifting faint lights in darkness, trying to express light and shadow, positive and negative, or Yin-Yang characteristic through music.

Their progressive heavy rock sound should shed a ray of light on anyone. The original Japanese title of the album is “SHIN’EN” which literally means profoundness or esoteric. This title denotes the band seeks for profundity and yet hopes to be recognized and accepted by others. You can listen to some of tracks from the album at,

The album is available at the following online stores (but not limited to): Apple iTunes, and CD Baby

Zeroshiki’s official homepage is-



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