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Massachusetts Band Doug Ratner & The Watchmen Spread Their Wings on ‘Lessons Well Learned’

Artist: Doug Ratner & The Watchmen
Title: ‘Lessons Well Learned’

Overall Album Vibe: Massachusetts based band Doug Ratner & The Watchmen have become well known in the New England area and the band’s ready to spread their musical wings and spread out to the rest of the country. That mission will be helped by the band’s ‘Lessons Well Learned’ album. The bands style is rock with a nod to classic rock mixed into their sound. They describe their music as, ‘raw energy of intense, down and dirty rock and roll,’ with a band motto of, ‘Outsiders Welcome, Weirdness Encouraged.’ After performing the lead track from the album, “Bomb in the Backseat,” the band got banned from the local morning news and entertainment show, Mass Appeal. The show didn’t like the songs mention of bombs and explosions along with the band destroying a laptop during the performance dropping and kicking it around. The up tempo rock track is about the world we’re living in now that has a growing addiction to tech related toys and products and the potential danger in being that way, with people hiding behind the electronic wall rather than expressing their views in a healthier way. The band also does a cover of Pink Floyd’s, “Money,” revolving around greed poisoning society. “Ghost in the Mirror,” is a haunting, dark song that had the feel of being in the mind of a person who’s been bullied and if pushed too far who could snap and go berserk doing untold carnage in the world. “Do You Remember?,” lightens things up a bit with its airy, Southern rock style but deals with a serious theme of a young woman struggling in life trying to find her own identity, trying to remember the lessons that her mother taught her as a child. “Take Me Home,” is a lively guitar and drum filled rock track about one of band frontman Doug Ratner’s crazy night experiences while in Atlanta.

Review Tagline: Doug Ratner & The Watchmen’s, ‘Lessons Well Learned,’ offers up a nice mix of rock music with song lyrics that aren’t the same old pabulum often found in today’s music.
Standout Tracks: “Bomb in the Basket”, “Ghost in the Mirror”

Review by C.W. Ross


About CW Ross

I'm a Christian who likes writing about Indie and Christian music, college softball and airguns.


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