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Margo Rey’s Wide Ranging Vocal Talents Shine Brightly on Her Release, ‘Habit’

Artist:Margo Rey

Overall Album Vibe:

Margo Rey is no newcomer to the music scene starting at the young age of 16 fronting the all female rock band, Debutante (The Debs) along with other bands, Ritual (power pop), Miss Margo and the Lost Souls (Latin/Jazz R&B) before being signed to Indie label, Exitos-Latinos, to record a Tejano/Pop Spanish album.

On her current album, ‘Habit,’ Rey performs what she coins as, Organica. The music is a mix of pop, adult contemporary and jazz. Her music flows in the vein of artist like, Norah Jones, Kelly Clarkson, Leona Lewis, Sade and Celine Dion.

Highlight tracks include the opening up tempo soulful pop title track, “Habit.” Like a lot of the songs found on, ‘Habit,’ it revolves around the theme of love. “Let The Rain,” is one of the album’s two tracks that feature John Oates of 70’s/ 80’s rock band Hall & Oates fame. The other track featuring Oates is the adult contemporary song, “Saturn Returns.” The track’s, “Get Back” and “Pla$tic Karma,” both offer up a nice retro funky based style on them. “Roses,” is a nice harmonica filled roots rock sounding track. Rey also does a nice cover of The Zombie’s hit song, “She’s Not There.”

Review Tagline: Margo Rey has enough vocal talent that it can morph into whatever style is necessary for each song that’s found on her latest release, ‘Habit.’

Standout Tracks: “Habit”, “Let The Rain”, “Get Back”, “Pla$tic Karma”,

Review by C.W. Ross


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