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A Lion Named Roar Shows How Indie Pop Rock Music Should Sound on Their New EP, ‘Foreign Land’

Artist: A Lion Named Roar
Title: ‘Foreign Land’ EP

Overall Album Vibe:

If you haven’t heard of Louisville, KY based band A Lion Named Roar you’ve been missing one of the best Indie pop/rock bands around today. The band is fronted by lead vocalist Chris Jackson whose nasal sounding vocals give the band’s music an airy fresh Indie pop/rock sound.

The EP’s opening track, “This Won’t Last for Long,” really gets things off to a good start. The up tempo song deals with the need to take action now because life moves by so quickly. Next up is the catchy tune, “Desert Wind,” followed by my personal favorite track from the EP, “All I Know is Changing.” From the song’s first guitar strums and drumbeats it grabs your attention and doesn’t let go. Chris Jackson’s vocals play so well against the steady drum part found on it. The track also features strong backing vocal choruses that can also be found on several of the EPs other songs; that add another dimension to them. “All I Know is Changing,” is one of those tunes that you’ll be humming in your head for days after hearing it. Up next is, “Noon,” that starts off with old-time western movie gunfight sounds. Followed by the track, “Remember Me.” Pulling the curtain down on, ‘Foreign Land,’ is the melodic, ballad edged track, “Ghost in New York City,” that has a richness added to it thanks to the string sounds that are found on it.

Since I liked this EP so much I got to give the other guys in the band besides, Chris Jackson (lead vocals) a shout out. The other band members are: Tyler Anderson (guitar, vocals), Andy Meyers (drums, vocals), Billy Grubbs (guitar, keys) and Michael Brown (bass).

Review Tagline: I really liked the music that I heard on this EP from, A Lion Named Roar. Do yourself a big favor and get there, ‘Foreign Land’ EP.

Standout Tracks: “This Won’t Last for Long”, “Desert Wind”, “All I Know is Changing”, “Ghost in New York City”,

Review by C.W. Ross


About CW Ross

I'm a Christian who likes writing about Indie and Christian music, college softball and airguns.


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