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Nico Rivers offers up an Organic Folk Rock Sound on His ‘To the Bone’ EP

Artist: NR (Nico Rivers)
Title: ‘To The Bone’ EP

Overall Album Vibe:

Nico Rivers’ solo career started with his debut EP, ‘Thicker Than Water,’ a full production style release but it just didn’t feel right to NR. So this time around he’s gone with a stripped down, more organic, approach on his latest EP, ‘To the Bone.’

The new EP offers up 7-tracks that include 2 stripped down versions of songs taken from his debut EP, along with 3 brand new songs and 2 bonus tracks that are from his time spent with his former band, Pine Mountain Casket.

It doesn’t take any time for things to get going strong with the opening track, “Birds in Trees (or the Solid Ground),” a folk rock tune filled with passionate vocals revolving around games people play related to love and relationships.

The first of the two tracks redone from River’s debut EP is track-2, “Molotov’s & Medicine,” a folk rocker that features both hard edged guitar and harmonica parts that give the track a sharp edge. If you’re curious about the song’s title the included press material says that is came from NR’s younger years as a,”… mischievous teen, joining friends in sand pits in the woods throwing Molotov cocktails at gasoline doused abandoned cars.”

Things turn softer for the next track, “Your Heart was Just the Start,” that reminisces about past times in life when things seemed a whole lot simpler.

Next up is, “Oildrips,” a social commentary style song on war taken from the viewpoint of friends and family of NR who fought in the Iraq war. It paints a powerful musical image with lyrics like, ‘long live the free, bathed in black gold.”

Track-5,”Hey, Josephine,” is the second of two songs taken from NR’s debut EP and reworked into a more organic sound.

Tracks 6 (“Birds in Trees (or the Solid Ground”) & 7 (Demons Croon for the Mississippi Moon”) are bonus tracks from NR’s former band Pine Mountain Casket. Both tracks are up-tempo guitar driven Indie rockers.

Review Tagline: On his latest EP, ‘To the Bone,’ NR (Nico Rivers) showcases his stripped down organic folk rock style of music that works well on many different musical levels.

Standout Tracks: “Birds in Trees (or the Solid Ground”), “Molotov’s & Medicine”, “Oildrips”,

Review by C.W. Ross


About CW Ross

I'm a Christian who likes writing about Indie and Christian music, college softball and airguns.


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