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It’s Time to Take a Stand for Our Rights as Americans

I usually try to keep things on the lighter side in my postings but I really feel the need to speak out and let you know that we are in a real pivotal point in our country’s history where we either stand up and take the country back to a God fearing bastion of freedom or let it continue down the road to becoming a second rate nanny state.

It’s nothing short of pure madness with the way government has gone from being a friend to an enemy trying at every turn to put their foot down on anything that you try to do. I can’t believe how far it’s gotten with the government controlling almost every aspect of our lives. And those that they don’t already control they’re trying their hardest to do now.

N.Y.C. Mayor Bloomberg is one of the main leaders of the assault on our freedoms spending some of his billions of dollars of wealth on everything from stupid crap like trying to limit the size of your soft drink and salt intake to dastardly trying to limit our rights to own firearms.

It’s shameless how those wanting to ban gun ownership have used tragedies like the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and Colorado Movie Theater to try pushing new gun laws that don’t really work except for keeping honest citizens from being able to protect themselves with guns that they own legally.

Also watch out for the backdoor effort that their now pushing to restrict/ban ammunition since their gun banning effort isn’t going as well as they had hoped. I was watching a TV show the other night that was discussing this issue and the liberal guest representing those that oppose gun ownership was giddy with glee over the ammunition issue telling the host that they could use the empty gun to hit someone over the head to stop a crime. I only pray that if she ever has to face a robber or rapist that she has more than an unloaded gun to save her from that type of tragic situation.

It baffles my mind how anyone can think that thugs and criminals will be affected by any new gun laws they pass. If you really want a law that will work then chop off both hands of anyone caught using a gun in a crime! I know a lot of you are gasping now about my suggestion but let’s quit messing around and talk truth. We would solve gun crimes real fast if we had the courage to do it.

Also will the gun control people please stop saying that you don’t need a 10-30 round clip to go hunting. If you want to use that argument then you don’t need a SUV or gas guzzling car either all you need is a bicycle. Let me know how that works out for you when you need to go on a 100 mile trip in 90 degree summer weather!

Anyone reading this with a shred of intelligence I urge you to get involved in the fight against all of the new gun laws that are being pushed now. Let your representatives from local and state to federal government know your opinions.

If every one of us isn’t willing to stand up for our gun rights then God help us with what the future will hold for us.


About CW Ross

I'm a Christian who likes writing about Indie and Christian music, college softball and airguns.


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