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Great Mountain Fire “Crooked Head” out on May 6, 2013

What a way to go through life by simply asking oneself “Well, why the heck not?” Knowing no boundaries, fearing no obstacles and chasing one’s dreams with ease and conviction is probably the most freeing state of mind one can experience… Great Mountain Fire are all about that and more… If they weren’t playing music, they would be running a private basketball team in the US. When asked about their influences, they talk about the Beatles, fun’n’games, and Vietnamese beef soup- all in one go. It becomes clear pretty early on that this five piece are a spontaneous bunch of guys who know no angst or limitations… And why would they? Having grown up in peaceful Belgium to accomplished musician parents, they met at primary school when they were only pups and formed a band at the age of 11. They listened obsessively to the Police, Pink Floyd and the Cure and learned all they know from their idols…

Now, I know what you’re thinking… “Why on Earth would we need a Belgian band over here? We’ve got more than enough of our own goodies. Right?” Wrong. Other than following in the footsteps of one of the most astounding Belgian bands to hit the UK shores, Soulwax, Great Mountain Fire will undoubtedly take you back to the times when quality of music mattered and artists weren’t afraid to explore their creativity in a brave and honest way.

Slipping in nicely amongst Phoenix and Arcade Fire, the first single called “Crooked Head” displays delicious melodies, thinking person’s chord changes, and the desire to expand beyond the guitar-bass-and-drums paradigm. What ultimately holds the record together is the band’s captured energy: frantic guitar strumming and a well-oiled rhythm section jump off the recording, leaving behind an aura of passion and pop. From start to finish you’ll witness how they’ve hinted a mix between Mumford and Son’s signature folk rhythm guitars with Friendly Fires “Kiss of Life” rhythmical, pounding drums, topped with Mystery Jets soaring vocal melodies to create even more of an experience.

“Crooked Head” is a solid and ambitious beginning for a band and certainly the start to an incredible career.

Source- The Playground


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