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Review for Singer Songwriter Nick Peay’s New EP, ‘Feathers & Fables’

Artist: Nick Peay
Title: ‘Feathers & Fables’ EP

Overall Album Vibe: ‘Feathers & Fables’ is the follow up to Louisville based singer songwriter Nick Peay’s 2011 EP, ‘Life & Love & Us.’ Some of you might also know Peay from his time spent as frontman for the rock group OK Zombie.

Peay’s new, ‘Feathers & Fables’ EP offers up 4 tracks in which he’s not afraid to lay his emotion cards on the table for all to see. Letting his feelings known to us of trying to find his spot in the very small, cliquish type community, where he lives.

When asked about the EP’s theme Peay said, “It’s about being accepted and finding your place at home.” continuing on saying, “whether it’s an actual location, or within a family or group of people who accept you and love you for who you are.”

Things start off with the EP’s most up tempo track, “(Two Miserable) Blackbirds,” that offers up a Bryan Adams type rock sound. Track-2, “Mockingbird,” is an acoustic track that features nice guitar, Dobro, harmonica and bongos parts in it. Lyrically the song talks about cover bands that offer up a very generic sounding version of the more famous band’s songs that they’re trying to cover. Track-3, “Home,” takes the EP in a moody dark direction featuring interesting harmonica and slide guitar parts that help to set the song’s mood. The song deals with trying to find your niche in life. The closing track, ‘Fly Away,’ deals with taking a step back and reassessing your position when you find yourself in a bad spot in your life and trying to find a way to rise above it.

Review by C.W. Ross


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I'm a Christian who likes writing about Indie and Christian music, college softball and airguns.


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