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Blues Musician Gypsy Carns Paints Musical Pictures on His Latest Instrumental Release, ‘Tango Blues’

Artist: Gypsy Carns
Title: ‘Tango Blues’

Overall Album Vibe:

On his latest release, ‘Tango Blues,’ preaching blues artist Gypsy Carns takes a break from his normal style to put out an instrumental album that happened because he says, ‘this time around the Lord led me on a transcendental instrumental blues journey.” Gypsy also wanted to find a more rural setting so he ended up recording the release at Stump Whipped Studios that’s located on thousands of acres of woods in Porterville, Mississippi.

I’m sure that you’ve heard of a one man band before with Gypsy this was a one man album with him taking full reins on the project writing all of the songs along with playing all of the instruments found on it. The list of instruments played is impressive from normal ones like, guitars, dobros, tambourine and harmonica to some more unusual ones like, rain stick, washboard and rattlesnake tails. Gypsy also decided that instead of using a traditional drum kit for the percussion parts he went with a stompbox along with American Indian and African drums.

Another unique feature of the album is that Gypsy decided to name the songs for his family and friend’s names. On, “Angel Caroline,” that starts with bird like chirping sounds, Gypsy paints a picture of love for his wife. The blues filled, “The Boot Boogie,” features unique rattlesnake tails sounds on it. The releases longest track, “Moon & Stars (4:29),” offers up a sound that paints a picture that reminded me of an old west gunfight scene from a movie with the sharp harmonica parts used in it acting almost like gunfire. “Texas Tom,” is a big blues, foot stomping number. I also like the closing up tempo blues rock track, “Ezra Fire Wheel.”

Whether you’re a longtime follower of Gypsy’s music or a newcomer you’ll quickly learn that this man has the talent necessary to make his signature guitar and dobro sounds come to life.

Like an artist uses a paint brush Gypsy uses his instruments to paint musical pictures with each new chord played.

Review by C.W. Ross


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