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Canadian Band The Breaks Release Sophomore Album ‘Honeybees’

Artist: The Breaks
Title: ‘Honeybees’

Overall Album Vibe: The Breaks formed in 2010 and released their debut LP, ‘In Meetings,’ in 2012 now the band is back with their sophomore release, ‘Honeybees.’ The trio’s (Alex Beraldo, Darcy Waffle and Jeff Hughes) music is filled with guitar, drums, harmonica, banjo, and drum parts ranging in style from alt country and folk to rock and blues.

Also joining the band on the recording are fellow musicians and friends, Kaleb Hikele and Matt Powell (The Broadview Band) along with backup vocals by Tanya Semple.

Things kick off with, “I Can’t See Louise,” that features amped up treble tinged guitars followed by the harmonica filled folk rocker, “Puttin’ It On,” that also offers up some nice vocal harmonies. “Restless,” starts out with a nice drum and bass part. “You Get Down,” is a nice up-tempo rocker that starts off with some fast drum work. “Bootleg Boogie,” is a meandering blues rock track. “Darlene,” picks up the pace. “Enough For Me,” is filled with up-tempo classic rock sounds. “Manic Banjo Blues,” is a soulful blues song. While the song does feature some banjo work with it’s title I was expecting an insane banjo solo that never happened on it. “Empty Hand, Rusty Band,” is a nice mountain music song. It painted a picture in my mind of a bunch of mountain folks getting together on a hot summer night for a jam session on the front porch. “Long Way,” pumps out some rock notes and things wrap up with an acoustic version of track-3 entitled, “Restless Reprise.”

The Breaks have put together a nice collection of mixed musical styles on their sophomore release, ‘Honeybees.’

By C.W. Ross


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