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The Official Anthem & the Music Video for the WWC2013

WWC2013 – Tough Game – Tougher Women.

Embassy of Silence is a Finnish band on a purposeful mission to create beautiful metal / rock music. Catchy melodies filled with grandeur, as well as experimentation are key elements for this ensemble. The band has composed a song to be the official anthem for IFAF American Football: Women´s World Championship games 2013.

Embassy of silence has also finished making a music video for the anthem. The video was directed by Jarno Keski-Jylhä and a part of the Finnish national WWC team participated in the video shoot.

”We are very satisfied with the outcome of the song. Cooperation between the band and the competition organization has been very fluent, and the band was able to come out with a song in record time. Embassy of Silence is a band that has been around from 2008, and it is nice to be able to give some more exposure to a new player in their area” – Janne Halla-aho, a member of WWC2013 LOC

Source- H&R Productions


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