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Squidhat Records Releases Debut CD From Henderson Nevada Bar Punk Heroes The People’s Whiskey

Las Vegas, NV – SquidHat Records is proud to announce the debut release from popular Vegas alt-country/punk band, The People’s Whiskey. The CD is available nationally via NAIL Distribution and internationally through PlanetWorks Enterprises.

Hailing from the southern Nevada town of Henderson, proudly referred to as “Hendertucky” by natives, The People’s Whiskey’s roots go all the way back to 1999 when Justin Bridges, Louie Mendez and Cody Leavitt first started playing music together. In February of 2010 Steve DeZarn joined the band, and The People’s Whiskey was born. These unpretentious down to earth guys are all about rock and roll – be it punk, outlaw country, or anything else they feel like writing.

With a self-proclaimed sound “like a fist fight and an argument with your girlfriend set to music,” The People’s Whiskey create a unique brand of blue collar bar punk as influenced by rock as it is by country, bluegrass, rockabilly and reggae. Their influences, ranging from the Smashing Pumpkins, David Allan Coe, Sublime, Rancid, Prince, Johnny Cash, The Rolling Stones, Screeching Weasel, Tool, Green Day, Bad Religion and Dave Matthews Band are carefully blended to create a diverse soundtrack to the “drink, fight, have fun” mindset. – Just four friends from Hendertucky who like to clink glasses and kick asses.

“We try not to focus on a specific sound or style, more important to us that we write great songs.” says Bassisit and vocalist, Cody Leavitt. “We have all kinds of different influences that converge in interesting ways so we have fun exploring the different aspects that. There is no one specific sound – it’s all uniquely People’s Whiskey and hopefully it doesn’t suck.”

In their short but busy career The People’s Whiskey have played with such bands as D.I., Mad Sin, Agent Orange, The Turbo A.C.s and Three Bad Jacks. They’ve played neon reverb twice and had their demo tracks featured on local radio. Their indie label debut, released by SquidHat Records, is available everywhere.


Luis is a certified “Dudeist Priest” and is available for marriages.
Steve is a true Vegas punk original and has been playing in the local scene for over 30 years.
Justin, an avid fan of pop music, can sing any Top 40 song on command, especially by female pop singers.
Cody is known throughout Henderson as “The Water Street Werewolf”. Ask him about it at the bar after a show and, if you’re lucky, he’ll tell you why.

About SquidHat Records

SquidHat Records is an artist friendly, independent record label and multi-media company created to help talented, interesting, creative and passionate artists record and promote their music or performances, develop their brand and image, and increase their exposure to a larger audience. Ourfocus includes, but is not limited to, the Punk Rock,Aggressive Indie and Subculture scenes.


Source- SquidHat Records


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