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Review for Rockers Cats Melvin’s Upcoming New Release, ‘Houston’

Artist: Cats Melvin
Title: ‘Houston’

Overall Album Vibe: Created by band lyricist and vocalist Michael Amend and a long list of special guest musicians the band’s sound has evolved over the years but has always kept a rock n’ roll base to its sound. The band’s press material describes their sounds as, ‘…mix the drive of Arcade Fire with the melodies of The Kinks.’

The band’s new 7-track release is entitled, ‘Houston,’ and will be coming out in June and found on Nub Country Records. Standout tracks from the release include, “Wrong Side,” an up tempo rocking track that offers up nice guitar solo work on it. The song was licensed for use by online gaming giant Rock Band Network opening up the band’s music to a new audience of potentially numbering in the millions.

Other standout tracks include, “My World is a Cultural Violence,” and “She’s a Kind a girl,” that are both up tempo guitar and drum filled tracks.

If you haven’t experienced the band’s music yet this release offers up a good opportunity to do so.

Review by C.W. Ross


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