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Boston Band Soccer Mom Releases LP on 100m Records

Press Release:

Boston quartet Soccer Mom are proud to announce the release of their self-titled full-length album, out May 1st, 2014 on 100m Records. The album comes on the heels of their six-song EP

You Are Not Going to Heaven (2011), and their two-song single Brides/Canoe (2012), which both garnered critical praise. The band spent much of 2013 writing, recording, and playing live around the northeast, sharing the stage with such acts as Weekend, Whirr, Nothing, and Speedy Ortiz.

The record showcases the band’s continued exploration of textures and tones, expansive dynamics, and the delicate balance between discord and melody. The nine songs were recorded and mixed in May and June of 2013 at The Napoleon Complex in Somerville, MA, with engineer Shaun Curran. Several tracks feature vocals by Deborah Warfield (Swirlies).



1. It’s Probably Not Your Fault (4:54)
2. Orejas (3:20)
3. In Mirrors (5:24)
4. No One Left (4:44)
5. Dry Mind (4:31)


6. Hideaway Sands (5:11)*
7. Sundown Syndrome (5:33)
8. 7.15 (5:49)
9. Open Heart Surgery (5:14)

Total Running Time: 44:40
* contains FCC-unfriendly language at 1:43 mark


Source- 100m Records


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