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Atlas B Salvesen Announces New Lineup for The Pale King

Great news is here for fans of Atlas B Salvesen’s folk-pop EP Smoke Signals released through Monday Records last year. Like his labelmate Spookyland, Alastair Cairns has teamed up with a full band to perform a slew of new works to appear on a thematically heavy release due out late in the year.

His ambitiously creative new concept for the Atlas show takes a more surreal and narrative approach than previous works. The project, titled The Pale King, will thematically examine music scenes and the stereotype of the tortured artist. A student of philosophy and literature, Alastair Cairns will act now as frontman and chief storyteller, placing himself at the crux of his tale.

Literate thematics aside, the new Atlas work is set to move away from the acoustic atmosphere that the Smoke Signals EP created last year – a new instrumental lineup of drums, bass, electric guitar and keys will be present on the record and at the premiere live show.

Atlas B Salvesen’s new lineup is set to be unleashed on audiences for the first time alongside Spookyland’s equally new lineup at the FBi social launch party on the 13th of June. Punters keen on getting into Atlas’ complex storytelling themes can check out the Facebook event for more details or grab tickets from FBi Social.

Check out the event on Facebook or click here for a link to tickets.

About Atlas B Salvesen

Atlas B Salvesen is a folk singer at heart and a philosopher of his own head. Born and raised in the Midwestern field state of Iowa, USA there is a ghostly sense of isolation and alienation that permeates his music. He is a lyrically minded songwriter with a scattershot focus that sees him contemplate such divergent subjects as war, love, apocalypse, self-destruction and religion; sometimes in the same song.

However, an intimate nature remains present throughout his work; to him the master themes are personal and everything personal is born of these same themes. A melodic approach to music, an experimental attitude to production and an unwavering belief in the purity of expression are all features of Atlas B Salvesen’s work. He currently resides in Sydney, Australia where he persists.

Atlas B Salvesen joined Monday Records in 2012. His debut EP Smoke Signals is out now.

Source- Monday Records


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