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New Independent Record Label ‘New Ancient Records’ Announces It’s Formation and First Release

New Ancient Records, a newly formed independent record label from S. Florida, USA, has announced its formation and the release of its first album. New Ancient was founded by Justin

Balcom, a freelance music producer and Florida native, alongside his collective of friends. Balcom spent the past couple years composing music for various film projects that include a Sprite commercial, a few short films and web series; but, he wanted an outlet to share his personal and collaborative studio material. The record label aims to promote and release a diverse assortment of music projects, while staying unique with its goal in providing innovative sounds and support to the independent music community.

When asked about the record label’s formation, Balcom states: “Since 2010, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time producing and composing music for various solo and collaborative projects. Most of my work is done out of therapy and as a hobby, but I decided that I wanted an outlet to share this material and I figured an imprint label would be the best route to do it.”

The label’s first release, Memory Bank, derives from an ambient side-project that Balcom constructed under the pseudonym, Stereodyssey. Memory Bank was originally self-released in 2013, but New Ancient marked this atmospheric record as its first release to launch the label. The 10-track album focuses on ambient minimalism and contains field recordings from an array of natural environments such as wildlife refuges and beaches. Future releases from New Ancient include compilations, EP’s and albums from several indie acts, such as Passionate Robots and Cosmic Body.

Balcom and friends also plan to use the label as a vehicle to promote the S. Florida indie music scene. Balcom states, “Another objective I’d like to pursue through New Ancient, is to establish a recognizable and prominent independent music scene in South Florida, as it’s often overlooked when it comes to indie music. S. Florida is home to many great indie acts and I would love to give them the opportunity to share their music with a broader audience.”

Memory Bank is scheduled to release in October 2014 on CD and through digital download.

Source- New Ancient Records


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