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SquidHat Records Releases Vinyl Debut from Popular Las Vegas Punk Band Surrounded By Thieves on Limited Edition Blood Red Vinyl

Surrounded byThievesCover

Las Vegas, NV, September 2014 – SquidHat Records is proud to announce the vinyl debut from popular Vegas punk band, Surrounded By Thieves. The LP, released on blood red vinyl and limited to 500 copies, is available nationally via NAIL Distribution and internationally through PlanetWorks Enterprises.

“Punk’s Not Dead”

When The Exploited sang those words in 1981, it was a declaration from the last group of punk rock survivors to make their presence known before it was too late.

30 years later, the battle cry for true punk rockers is not coming from the UK or New York City, but from Sin City itself, as Las Vegas’ Surrounded By Thieves (SBT) have arrived to deliver music that issues a hard-hitting, yet energetic and melodic statement that stays true to a form of music that today bears little resemblance to that which took over the world in the late 70’s.

Formed in 2010, SBT, whose members include Brandon Buck on lead vocals and guitar, Eric Raleigh on guitar and vocals, Eric Laux on bass and vocals, and Rich Castro on drums, unleash a politically driven and personally motivated punk rock that embraces the roughneck, punching and kicking style that has somehow been lost in today’s pop-dominated world, and music fans around Nevada have responded to high energy sets that have made the band a must see.

Evoking the sound and feel of Pennywise, the style and energy of The Ramones, and the driving ballads of Social Distortion, SBT released their first CD, Prophecies of Greed, in November of 2011. Containing 13 blistering and eclectic tracks that feature topical lyrics and undeniable hooks, this debut effort has been a hit among reviewers.

Said Jason Bracelin of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “This is a backs-against-the-wall kind of record, something to be blasted to make the neighbors as pissed off as SBT often sounds… Prepare to break a sweat — or a few knuckles.”

Hitting the road as often as possible SBT has played Northern NV, Northern CA, Southern CA, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona, and has opened for such bands as Guttermouth, Authority Zero, and The Queers. Surrounded by Thieves stands for what punk rock used to be, proving that Punk’s Not Dead – it’s still very much alive and well, at least in Las Vegas.

Surrounded By Thieves indie label debut was released on September 8, 2014, by SquidHat Records, with extensive tour support to follow.

About SquidHat Records

SquidHat Records is an artist friendly, independent record label and multi-media company created to help talented, interesting, creative and passionate artists record and promote their music or performances, develop their brand and image, and increase their exposure to a larger audience. Ourfocus includes, but is not limited to, the Punk Rock,Aggressive Indie and Subculture scenes.


Source- SquidHat Records


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