Johnstown PA, Venue

The Venue of Merging Arts (V.O.M.A)

© Copyright Karen A. Mesaros and Venue of Merging Arts.

© Copyright Karen A. Mesaros and Venue of Merging Arts.

The Venue of Merging Arts (V.O.M.A) is a non-profit/social benefit arts organization located in what use to be a church that for many years housed several different congregation of worshippers. The venue is located in an historic part of Johnstown known as, ‘Cambria City.’

The old church was purchased in 2008 by former Cambria City residents and turned into a community arts center known as V.O.M.A.

While the venue offers many different art related events from housing an art gallery, performing plays, a recording studio and offering many classes and lectures related to the arts the part I want to concentrate on is located in the downstairs section of the old church and is called, ‘Club VOMA.’ This is where the musical acts get to perform their shows.

One of the great things about the club is the wide variety of artist that perform there ranging from, Experimental, EDM, and Jazz to Rock, Blues, Folk and a wide variety of other musical styles.

V.O.M.A. states on their website that their mission is, “To rescue a historically significant former church building by transforming it into a unique venue in which various forms of artistic expression can merge together to promote, educate, entertain, and involve the community in the arts.”

(CW)- I asked for some feedback from the venue on why they think Johnstown is such a hotbed for top notch music? Below is their answer.

(Board Member, Adam Mundok)- “Art always seems to thrive in economically depressed areas because the people are hungry for change. When an individual has success and prosperity, they seem to lose ambition. This, along with an abundance of affordable, quality instruments in the marketplace are certainly contributing factors to a thriving music options in the area.”

© Copyright Karen A. Mesaros and Venue of Merging Arts.

© Copyright Karen A. Mesaros and Venue of Merging Arts.

V.O.M.A. Websites:


V.O.M.A., 307 Chestnut Street, Johnstown, Pa. 15906

V.O.M.A. Contact Information:

Telephone- 814-410-2245

If you are ever in the Johnstown area and looking for a quaint place to hear some good music then one of your first stops needs to be V.O.M.A. This venue offers up lots of good music at very reasonable admission prices.


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