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Chicago Rockers Release Their New Single and Video for Their Track “Shut Me Out”

High Street releases a new single: “Shut Me Out” is now available on iTunes and their debut video for “Shut Me Out” is now up on Youtube.

Being only high school freshmen, these kids have amazing talent. This group is a standout in the teen music scene. Young artists today typically perform pop music, but when talented young kids sound like Led Zeppelin meets Janis Joplin you have something special! The 14 year old guitar prodigy can play anything with ease and the lead vocals soar over his impressive riffs. High Street has a young rock element that is hardly ever seen in teenagers.

High Street is delivering a fresh spin on classic rock sounds with current pop influences. It’s as if they have creatively infused the classic sounds of Rock and Roll with the edge of Paramore and the pop sensibility of the Beatles. This innovative and young rock band from the Chicago area is lead by high school freshman, Julia Bosco, and 14-year-old guitar prodigy, Erik Findling.

Source- musicSubmit/ High Street


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