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Review for Southern Rocker’s Cathouse Prophets’, ‘Southern Fried & Sanctified’ Release

Artist: Cathouse Prophets
Title: ‘Southern Fried & Sanctified’

Overall Album Vibe:

Cathouse Prophets is a band that reminded me of my youth growing up when Southern rock was really rolling with band’s like, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker Band, Allman Brothers Band, Molly Hatchet, .38 Special, The Kentucky Headhunters and the Charlie Daniels Band were lighting up the radio airwaves.

Cathouse Prophets takes a country base and layers it with classic rock n’ roll and then adds in a couple splashes of blues to achieve their sound.

Their music isn’t for the suit and tie crowd at the fancy new hotspot in town this a working man and woman type of band. The group offers up the kind of music you want to hear after a long week at work when your ready to let loose for the weekend and have some fun.

If your in a bar and a fight breaks out and your first instinct is to look for the nearest exit then you might not appreciate Cathouse Prophets’ music but if your the kind of person that heads towards the action then buckle up and enjoy the ride this band takes you on with their, ‘Southern Fried & Sanctified’ album.

The fun gets started right away with the first track, “Night Like This,” an up tempo rocker about a fun night out after a hard day’s work. “Baby Back,” is a blues/country rocker. “American Ride,” is a song built around life on the road on an American classic Harley Davidson motorcycle. “Little Man,” is another rocker that’s followed by “Forever Mine,” a murderous love song that takes things into more of a country sound. The song had a feel like I was listening to a Willie Nelson song. “Up All Night,” is another blues rock sounding track that starts off with a nice short bass part. “T.T.T.,” is an up tempo rocker. The song is about fast cars and fast women and the trouble that follows along with either of them. The band said that the song was written from an interview famed moonshiner Popcorn Sutton gave Johnny Knoxville. “Devil’s Deal,” is a song about moonshiners that also has a Popcorn connection. Many of you may know of Popcorn because of him being lovingly referred to a lot on the hit tv show, “Moonshiners.” Things wrap up with the rocker, “Freight Shaker,” about life on the road as a trucker and the long days and nights and doing what you need to so you can keep trucking along down the road.

Anyone that has been reading my reviews knows that one of my favorite bands of all time is Lynyrd Skynyrd (Original Band Members) and over the years so many band’s that I’ve heard and reviewed have either said they sound like them or have been influenced by them and almost always I’m disappointed when I hear their music but not with Cathouse Prophets. This band really capture that true Southern rock sound that I grew up on and I really recommend that you get their ‘Southern Fried & Sanctified’ release and enjoy all the Southern musical goodness that it has to offer.

Review by C.W. Ross


About CW Ross

I'm a Christian who likes writing about Indie and Christian music, college softball and airguns.


One thought on “Review for Southern Rocker’s Cathouse Prophets’, ‘Southern Fried & Sanctified’ Release

  1. awesome cd but you cant appreciate them until you catch them live…oh my!!!

    Posted by craig | December 20, 2014, 11:53 pm

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