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Davide Pannozzo’s Portrait of Jimi Hendrix an Instant Blues Hit

A unique Jimi Hendrix tribute album that is available internationally and immediately shot to top blues spot on iTunes’ Italian store.

A Portrait of Jimi Hendrix features off the floor recordings- with no overdubs- of young Italian blues guitarist and singer Davide Pannozzo performing with Lello Somma on bass and younger brother, Simone Pannozzo on drums. The album was originally recorded on analog tape and released on vinyl on November 27, which would have been Hendrix’s 72nd birthday, it was released digitally.

The tribute album came about after the owner of Hemiolia Records, an Italian label that specializes in recording entirely in analog, saw Davide perform at a last-minute gig in Perugia, Italy in February, just before the guitarist was about to leave for New York.

“I was asked to record something … and I immediately had the idea to offer them a project dedicated to Jimi Hendrix, who is certainly one of my main musical influences,” Davide said. “I chose songs that were not too well known to the public but with an important significance in the career of Jimi. Songs with great spiritual importance like ‘May This Be Love,’ or political as in ‘If 6 Was 9.’ Or I chose to write different arrangements of famous songs like ‘Little Wing’ and ‘Have You Ever Been (to Electric Ladyland).’ The aim was to propose a new image of Jimi. Something that was authentic and pure. Without filters and artificial stuff.”

It was Hendrix’s “unconscious spirituality” that was so special, Davide said. Hendrix died at the age of 27, in 1970.

“I don’t like clones,” Davide said. As a result, he felt no need to copy Hendrix’s sound. “We need to push the music ahead to move forward. I think we need to understand the message and try to bring that music to the new century.”

Davide has performed with North American luminaries such as George Benson, Will Lee, Steve Jordan and Robben Ford. On Friday, December 5th, he finished a sold-out Italian/German tour with Mark Mondesir, one of England’s finest drummers.

The tribute album was recorded at Entropia Studio in Perugia, Italy, and mixed and mastered by Marco Federico at Sound Awake Studio in Rome. Artist Serena Colombo painted the portrait of Hendrix that appears on the record cover.

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Source- PlayitLoudMusic via musicSubmit


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