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Have You Ever Watched a Women’s College Softball Game?

If you haven’t ever watched a women’s college softball game before then you don’t know what your missing. It’s the fun of baseball without having to set through a 4-5 hour game and constant game stoppages. A normal softball game usually last only between two to two-and-a-half hours.

Also unlike a lot of other sports where everyone acts like every game played is a life or death situation softball has managed to not lose the fun side of the game.

Last year while switching through the hundreds of satellite TV channels I was lucky enough to come across the Women’s College World Series games. After watching it for just a short time the softball bug bit me.

These young women aren’t playing softball to get huge pro contracts and become famous, they’re doing it because they love playing the game. It’s like I remember as a kid playing wiffle ball in an empty neighborhood lot with my friends for the fun and love of the game before the pressures of growing up and becoming an adult kicked in and ended my wiffle ball champions of the world dream.

Over this weekend I got to watch the current #1 and #2 ranked teams, The Florida Gators and LSU Tigers play a three game weekend series with two of the games being broadcast on the SEC TV Network. You could just see the fun that the players were having in the dugouts during the game along with fun activities before and after the game. Some players were even dressed up in costumes like Batman and a horses head.

I know that college sports means big money to the schools but it’s nice to see that fun can still be had by these players without wondering how each move they make will affect their future and money making potential should they make it to a professional league.

Don’t get me wrong these teams want to win their games and put hours upon hours of practice into becoming better. But they don’t lose the fact that it’s a game. In a world where people are being beheaded and burned alive or protest and riots are happening in the streets they know that in the end it’s just a game.

So next time your interested in being entertained and want to get a look at the positive side of sports I would suggest you watch a women’s college softball game.

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By CW Ross


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I'm a Christian who likes writing about Indie and Christian music, college softball and airguns.


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