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New Album From James McArthur ft. Syd Arthur ‘Strange Readings From The Weather Station’

We are proud to introduce ‘Strange Readings From The Weather Station’ the long awaited new album from London based, Welsh born folk singer/songwriter James McArthur.

Following the release of the EP ‘Lawn Order’, ‘Strange Readings From The Weather Station,’ delivers a startlingly accomplished brace of songs in a unique style of hazy folk; with plucked guitar lines & breathy, playful vocals that are reinforced with yearning violin parts and haunting pedal steel guitar. The sound echoes the likes Nick Drake and Iron and Wine from a perspective that’s all his own; grounded and fleeting and always profound.

The tracks invite you on a journey, through rolling harmonies, shifting guitar, with songs as changeable as the British weather.

The album was recorded at Tin Room Studios in Hackney, London and Wickham Farm, Welling (once the home and studio of singer Kate Bush) with Head Gardeners Johnny O and Jim Willis, and featuring guest musicians Samantha Whates and Syd Arthurs’ Joel Magill and Raven Bush.

Key members of the band Syd Arthur (Harvest records, EMI) feature heavily on this record. Syd Arthur member Raven Bush is actually the nephew of Kate Bush, so part of this record was recorded at Kate Bush’s home studio at Wickham Farm.


1. Maelstrom (3:02)
2. Lawn order (3:40)
3. The day it rained forever (3:50)
4. Once upon a thought (2:46)
5. Leaf shot (3:55)
6. Half cut (2:33)
7. Heavy weather ((4:35)
8. Tread lightly my dear (2:46)
9. Spin cycle (4:03)
10. Close to (5:55)


Sunday 28th June at The Gladstone London 7.30pm
Samantha Whates joins James McArthur & The Head Gardeners for and evening of free live music.


Source- Prescription PR


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