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Swedish Newcomers Pale Honey Share New Track, “Tease”

Gothenburg duo Pale Honey have just shared new track ‘Tease’, taken from their forthcoming, self-titled, debut album.

Where debut single ‘Youth’ was praised for its intensity and directness, bathed as it was in a tone that conveyed both nonchalance and sincerity in equal measure, ‘Tease’ tones down the crunch of their guitars and puts the focus on a lyrics and melody, peppered with hum of synths.

Of ‘Tease’, they say;

“Tease was written with the words “why you tease me so” as a foundation. The music we created turned out a bit aggressive, and instead of pairing it with sugar coated lyrics we simply matched it with aggressive words. The lyrics speak of an abusive relationship, where someone always makes sure to have the upper hand and full control. Whether it may be between two people or just not being able to take care of yourself properly with self-respect (for whatever reason it may be) it is written from the point of view of the abuser.”

Put together across three different studios in Paris, Gothenburg and Stockholm, many of the sounds from the album were also recorded in the kitchen of producer Anders Lagerfors, who perfectly captures the group’s shifting intensity and spontaneity. Returning regularly to themes of disheartenment and melancholy, they describe the album as being, lyrically, very state-of-mind. It’s also about empowerment and, simply put, strength. The songs routinely flirt with the polite, before exploding into fits of distortion.

Pale Honey make their live London debut on May 20th at The Islington.

Source- Prescription PR


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