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Tenderhooks New Single “I Weakened At The Weekend” from Self-Titled Album To Be Released in July

First came the songs, written across nine countries in hotels, on trains and buses, and in the bedrooms of their creator Dan Durack. After a few years there were enough songs to make an album – a sprawling but branded collection built on Durack’s depth of love and knowledge of music. At that point beyond the limitations of one man and one guitar, the songs that had become an album became a band. In 2012 Durack returned to his West Australian home of Perth from a decade-long European exile, and Tenderhooks were born.

Recorded in 2014 at SquareJaw Studios in Perth, Western Australia, I Weakened At The Weekend is the first single from Tenderhooks’ self-titled debut album, released in June 2015 by The A&R Department. Chris Havercroft from X-Press Magazine calls it “a cracking tune full of pop sensibility and warm guitars”. Durack says “the song is basically about the blurred recollections of my twenties. Wild weekends and boozy friends. It’s a kind of farewell to the friends you lose along the way. Lost to responsibilities or to those vices some of us never leave behind.”

A veteran from much-loved Perth rock ensemble Three Orange Whips, Durack brought Tenderhooks to life using personnel he grew up alongside in his local scene. In a city like Perth, that means some spectacular talent. Co-produced by Luke Steele (the genius and voice behind Empire Of The Sun and The Sleepy Jackson) the Tenderhooks album features some of Perth’s finest, most accredited musicians. Old mates, now at the top of their game.

Source- The A&R Department


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