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The Marlenes New Single, “Cakewalk,” Releases on October 16th

The Marlenes are a 3-piece band, formed from high school friends in 2014 on the Mornington Peninsula. They bring to the table a Lo-Fi Garage Rock genre of their own, drawing inspiration from bands like The Wailers, The Strokes, and

The Hives, as well as sounds from 60’s soul and ska. Their sound is combination of rhythmic ska guitars, catchy lead hooks, jumpy bass lines and thumping garage drums.

They are currently playing local gigs throughout the suburbs of Melbourne and have recently recorded their debut EP Jumpin’ Cliffs at Headgap studios in January 2015.

‘Cakewalk’ was recorded by Neil Thomason at Headgap studios in Preston, and showcases The Marlenes’ jumping live sound at its best. It tells the story of those who have gone too hard in their young years and have payed the price.

“Cakewalk” by THE MARLENES will be released 16th of October 2015


Source- The A&R Department


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One thought on “The Marlenes New Single, “Cakewalk,” Releases on October 16th

  1. Hi!! Love your “new” look, though I know its been awhile since I checked it on here! Your still doing great stuff here! Talk soon! 🙂

    Posted by KellySuePerry | September 24, 2015, 11:53 pm

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