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Staten Island Hard Rockers Arthurkill’s New Single, “Yellow Brick Road”

Arthurkill is a Hard Rock band from Staten Island, New York. Things have not always been easy for the band. You could say they have done it the hard way.

This is their story…..

Arthurkill was formed in the early part of 1996 in Staten Island, New York. There was a lot of musical activity at that time in the area but without any acts making significant breakthroughs into the national scene. Despite its close proximity to New York City, the region did not exactly have the major labels beating down the door of local musical talent. In fact, Staten Island is probably more famous for being the site of the world’s largest landfill site.

The members of the band are:

Ken Munson – lead vocals
Rob Petillo – drums
Mike Petillo – guitar

The Petillo’s are brothers and first cousins’ to Ken Munson so there is a strong family bond within the group.

The band started rehearsing in a studio called island sound studios in Travis in early 96. They kept late hours most time practicing into the early morning hours but thats where they developed their sound and stage show. We needed to figure out what direction we wanted to go in says Ken Munson we had so many different styles at that time we were big Bruce fans but also liked U2 and bands like motley crue and the police but we only did originals we wanted to write our own stuff that was important.

Arthurkill had its first live experience in local bars towards the end of 1996 and the buzz began to circulate about this amazing live rock band. The guys worked promoting the band with flyers and bus trips to gigs, making every effort to spread the word. Then one night in the summer of 97 at Gate Way park Staten Island NY, 8500 people showed up for an AK show, so many people came that local authorities had to close the park.

While the band had become a live attraction of note, the members knew recording was the only real way forward. In the Fall of 97 they went into the studio with famed rock producer Jon Ryan, probably best known for his work with Lynyrd Skynyrd, Carlos Santana and Styx.

Music business has changed and AK got caught up in that change. Grundge was the new sound and AK was stuck in between. We liked Nirvana and Sound Garden great music creative but now music companies were headed out to Seattle to find new bands says rob petillo NYC was no longer the place to be, that’s when arthurkill started working with Mark Berry for the new album Addiction. They developed a guitar driving sound with big drums catchy songs with choruses that explode into rock anthems and vocals that sound like a nuclear reactor with pure emotion bleeding through .

‘Addiction’ was the band’s first production in a first rate studio. It was fast, painless and just a pleasure to record and produce because they had become such a tight and well-rehearsed unit as a result of their live work.Unfortunately, in a by now classic rock and roll story, there was massive confusion with the record label despite the fact that the record received a lot of airplay, particularly on college and XM radio.

The relationship with the label came to a fairly abrupt end and everything was put on hold while the guys regrouped and licked their wounds.

Soon after the initial disappointment of the original record deal, Arthurkill came into contact with a small but growing label called On Top Entertainment Inc.


Source- Attack Media Group


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