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Hayden Buchanan’s New Single, “Lovers In The Moonlight”

Beginning a music career from age 14, Hayden Buchanan fronted his High School Big Band performing jazz standards and performing in small jazz ensembles. His talents landed him a leading role as featured artist in the 2012 Schools Spectacular. Now 21, Buchanan has broadened his influencers into R’n’B, Electronica & moulding his unique style of old and new.

Since moving to Sydney, the chance encounter of making coffee for former Thirsty Merc guitarist turned music producer, Sean Carey, led to the recording of Hayden Buchanan’s first studio EP Curated Nostalgic, set for release in 2016. “Lovers in the Moonlight”, Buchanan’s debut release and first single from the EP, is due out in March 2016.

Performing around Sydney is just a small part of Hayden’s career, having recently recorded another track with music heavyweights Christian Lo Russo (Amy Meredith) & Joel Chapman (Prod. 5 Second Of Summer). His consistent stream of songwriting to keep his live sets fresh and new.

“‘Lovers in the Moonlight’ tells the story of two people who are in the early stages of dating and how people can be drawn to each other and all the small details that you can find in new love,” says Hayden of the title track.

“Lovers In The Moonlight” is where Hayden Buchanan’s unique style can be felt, with a playful beginning that reaches into a gentle storm of soft Electronica & Jazz stylings with lyrical nuance, alluding to a love story that shows Hayden’s unique perspective into new love.

Upcoming Shows:

19th of March – Oxford Art Factory (Gallery Bar), Sydney NSW
27th of February – Blacksmith Cafe, Surry Hills NSW


Source- The A&R Department


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