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Elia Fell’s Self-Titled EP to be Released March 25, 2016

Hailing from the South Coast of New South Wales, Elia Fell took a chance and hoped for the best when they sent their demo to renowned producer Forrester in 2014. Forrester liked what he heard and plans were made to make an EP together. Drums were recorded at Hercules Street Studio in Surry Hills courtesy of Luke Williams from Dead Letter Circus and Elia Fell finished a debut self-titled EP.

Elia Fell is an alternative rock band with hints of progressive influences. Drawing on years of listening to solid melodic rock they honed their craft by playing the local pubs from a young age. With Neil Foley on lead vocals, Ben Foley on guitar and their cousin Daniel Edge on bass, the trio quickly moved on to playing regular gigs on the Sydney circuit and various other festivals before taking a hiatus.

Their first single off the EP, “Control”, was released in October 2015 through The A&R Department. The track garnered support in the Netherlands, reaching number 13 on the Indie XL Free 40 chart.

The follow up single “Silent Sober” is a punchy, melodic track that focuses on the struggles of addiction and it’s consequences.

Elia Fell now are back to continue what they started with more passion than ever. The distinguishing feature of Elia Fell is their straight-up, punchy, modern rock sound that demands attention.

For fans of Dead Letter Circus, Deftones and Chevelle, expect to see Elia Fell on the road touring their new EP along with some new tunes they have been working on that will most likely make it to a debut album not too far in the distant future.

ELIA FELL’s Self-Titled EP will be released 25th of March 2016.


Source- The A&R Department


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