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“Reach Out For You” From Singer Songwriter Mellie

Announcing the release of the debut single “Reach Out for You” from Aussie singer/songwriter Mellie on April 8th 2016. Written by Mellie and produced by Matt Fell, of Love Hz studios, “Reach Out for You” is an uplifting pop song with a clear message about asking for help in a time of crisis.

After spending many years healing from severe clinical depression, Mellie wanted to give back to the organization who helped her in her time of crisis. Fifty percent of profits from her debut single are going to the charity organization Lifeline Hunter Central Coast.

“Reach Out for You” incorporates powerful lyrics with a catchy melody. It has the sweetness of Kylie Minogue and the epic power of Tina Arena and Delta Goodrem. “Reach Out for You” is written about a darker subject matter but it’s written in an accessible, melodic way so every listener can feel inspired by the song. The music video has been produced with the help of indie film makers Harlow Films and dance choreographer Jenna Drelincourt. The music video involved a cast of around 15 actors and dancers to help portray the feelings of mental illness and the impact it has on one’s life.

“The theme of the song is reflected in the music video. We used darkness to portray the battle of mental illness and light to portray the journey back to vitality. The song really is about finding light in the darkness—knowing you’re not alone in depression and reaching out to be heard in your time of crisis”, explains Mellie. “‘Reach Out for You’ is my message that is letting people know you can survive mental illness and there are people and organizations such as Lifeline who are there to help you through.”

Mellie is performing at many Lifeline Hunter Central Coast events throughout 2016 to help raise awareness of mental health.

For Fans Of: Kylie Minogue, Tina Arena & Delta Goodrem


Source- The A&R Department


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