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Stage Republic to Release New Single, “Big Blue River”

Stage Republic is based in Amsterdam. Their latest single is, ‘Big Blue River’. This release follows the huge success of previous single ‘All Out’ which reached #1 in the Official Dutch Indie Chart and was championed by America College Radio.

Stage Republic produces Pop music with a little bit of the eighties and a lot of now. From their home in Amsterdam, their music is reminiscent of eighties superbands like Duran Duran, Phil Collins and Sting, underpinned by strong Dutch beats and Raven’s trademark voice.

The band’s 2014 debut album “Firstage” garnered praise for its distinct pop sound combined with electro elements, uniting disco, pop, rock, dance and country-folk to great effect. The overall sound lies somewhere between European-pop and American-rock, differing with each song.

Raven says “The songs of Stage Republic deal with ambitions and relations in a fast changing world. The desire to have what you can’t have. To do the unthinkable. Achieve the impossible. There is often a dark undertone or double meaning.”

Raven kickstarted his musical career when he was the first artist ever to launch a single on a USB stick, a revolutionary idea in 2005. He showed his sense of innovation again when in 2010 he released his Mystery Pop album containing songs inspired by a number of popular mystery books, all fully endorsed and co-promoted by the A-list authors including NY-Times bestselling authors like Glenn Cooper and Kathleen McGowan. The idea earned him a Eurosonic Interactive Artist Award nomination.

Author Patrice Chaplin, daughter- in-law of Charlie, was instrumental in the planning of a music video featuring Ellen Barkin for Raven’s single ‘City of Secrets’, inspired by Chaplin’s book of the same name.

A quote from Raven was included on the cover of ‘The Cynical Idealist’, the John Lennon biography presented by Yoko Ono at the 30th anniversary of Lennon’s death in December 2010. In the same year, the British horror movie ‘The Stone’, in which Raven made his acting debut won Best Foreign Film at California’s Mountain Film Festival.

In recent years Raven has released two albums and nine singles in two languages, under his Dutch artist name Corjan.

His music has appeared in several films. Early 2013, he participated in a documentary alongside British presenter and Heart FM DJ Jamie Theakston.

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Source- Blue Soap Music


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