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Power Metal/Rock Band Save The World

Save The World is made up of seasoned musician’s, Dan Tracey, Jon Wysocki and Robert Wright. The guys want their band to play music they love and then paying forward the good vibes with soaring hooks and uplifting messages.

“When I was trying to come up with names for the band, I saw the phrase ‘Save the world’ in a movie theater. I thought about that statement a lot,” recalls band member Dan Tracey. “It felt like it encompassed everything I wanted the band to be. It filled people up with inspiration, it was positive, and fit perfectly with the music I wanted to make – songs you could blast loudly driving around with the windows down.”

The band is in the process of making their debut album but in a unique way by building up a stable of singles to release and then putting them together into an album. The first single the band released was, “Bleed.” The song deals with pain and in the video for the song turning that emotional pain into real pain by getting a tattoo to express your feelings artistically. You can view the emotion filled video here-

The band’s new follow-up single is, “Circus Maximus.” Band member Dan Tracey says the songs subject is, “…about the poisoning of our society by the 24/7 media.” The songs bridge features a spoken-word cameo from rock legend Alan Parsons.

Be sure to visit their websites and checkout their music and video.

In closing I want to give a shout-out to my friend Ariel Hyatt (Cyber PR) who let me know about the band and has been
very helpful to me over the years. Thanks Ariel.


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