My Thoughts

2016 SEC Softball Tournament

Nusz Park- Starkville, Miss.

Wed., May 11 Thurs., May 12 Fri., May 13 Sat., May 14

My game by game breakdown of the 1st round games.

(6) Missouri vs. (11) South Carolina – I think that Missouri will pull this one out but their pitching has proven inconsistant at times and they’ve also had some fielding problems lately in games that I’ve watched them play. South Carolina is a solid team but I think as long as Missouri plays the game their capable of they should win. The winner moves on to take (3) Tennessee on in the 2nd round. Tennessee really made a nice run at the end of the season but I’ve seen some of their games where their prone to making mental fielding errors that could be a problem in the tournament.

(7) LSU vs. (10) Texas A&M – This should be a really good game. I was ready to write LSU off when they went into their slump and couldn’t win a game but then they got their act together and went on a hot winning streak of 11 in a row before losing to Washington. I’ve also gotten to see Texas A&M play some games recently and they have a strong team that can give any team a challenge. This one is a toss up. If I had to pick though I’d go with LSU based on their past playoff experience. The winner of the game will take on surprise 2nd seed Kentucky who has great pitching.

(8) Georgia vs. (9) Ole Miss – Georgia goes as Chelsea Wilkinson their ace picture does. If she’s on they’ll win if not the game will be a struggle for them. The Georgia team also needs the Emanuel sisters to be their speedy self. They missed the last series of the season due to injuries. I’m going with Georgia to win this one. The winner of this game gets the task of trying to slay the giant #1 Florida which looks like a near impossible task at this point the way their playing and with that pitching staff filled with several aces.

(5) Alabama vs. (12) Mississippi State – This could be a tough 1st round match up for Alabama. I’ve been impressed with Mississippi State’s long ball hitting. If they can get solid pitching to go along with it they’ll have a chance. I’m still gonna pick Alabama though to win and move on to the 2nd round where they get to play in state rival (4) Auburn, who has really struggled in the last 2 weeks of the regular season. If Alabama does makes it past Mississippi State I pick them to beat Auburn unless they can catch that magic of strong hitting and solid pitching that they had for most of the season.


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