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CharisseAmore Brings the Holy Spirit to the Stage

Denver, Colorado – June 2016 – Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs people have on a daily basis, but to be a single parent is a whole other story. These people are playing two roles, holding down a job to support their family and all the while may lose time to do have any sort of hobby outside of parenting. CharisseAmore has always had a song in her heart and she’s allowed it to sing as she raised her two sons, but they are grown now, one is a heavy equipment operator  in construction and the other is a scientist/engineer, and this mom believes it’s time to start focusing on turning her passion for song into a full fledged career.

Like a lot of soul singers, CharisseAmore started out in the church. It’s there and where she continues to shape her sound, but she has more to offer than the traditional gospel. With elements of rock, she’s created this sound that blends to the two into something that could please across the board. Defying a traditional genre, CharisseAmore is a star each and every time she stands in front of a crowd, be it with Bo Diddley at the New Mexico fairgrounds for a homeless benefit or taking the top prize at the House of Blues in Las Vegas during “Apollo Night” at the Kirk Franklin Gospel Brunch, and most recently playing Coast to Coast in Denver this past April.

This CSU Hayward graduate wants to take her studies, her past performances, her passion and turn it into something more. That’s why she’s putting all of her eggs into one basket and going for it now. It’s now or never, right? Coming alive when on stage, CharisseAmore plans on continuing her career by performing as much as she can. All the while she’ll also record new, original music along the way.


CharisseAmore is a gospel singer who puts a rock and roll soul twist on the matter. A single mom, she has raised her boys to be upstanding adults and is now focused on turning her love of singing into a full fledged career.



Source- ArtistPR


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